My Total Fascination With Making This Pizza…

Have I ever mentioned that my mom…was a bread baker?  She totally hated making cookies and cupcakes and brownies unless she had to…for our parties at school or birthdays.  But my mom loved making bread and pizza and rolls.  My sister Paula and I were discussing this the other day.  My mom had a huge silvery bowl and my grandmother’s bread board and she would make the most amazing breads and pizza.  She made a smallish roll that we loved and called “lip buns”!!!  They looked liked baked lips to us.  She would line these up on a pan and they would rise to perfection.  We loved them.  She would make a thick chewy doughy pizza that I crave to this day.  So when I saw this pizza on Serious Eats…I had to try it.  It is totally made in a Kitchen Aid mixer.  You put everything in the mixer and it kneads and twists and turns and makes this dough.  The author of this recipe says it is the cooked potato in the dough that makes the dough so good.  Once it is mixed and kneaded you simply plop it into your pan and it sits for 2 hours and is done…you pat it a bit and put toppings on it and it is yummy!!!  I made one on Sunday with just fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce and another one yesterday with caramelized onions, Kalamata olives and goat cheese.  Both were fantastic.  It is a fun recipe to make and no bother at all…literally I used my mixer and a cookie sheet ( jelly roll pan ) and a measuring cup or two.
And of course it felt as though my mom was right there cheering me on…I think I am ready to make her lip buns soon…my mom is my inspiration.
Notice those airy holes in the dough…this looks just like the pizza I grew up with…

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