A Book Review Of A Medical Thriller…

Synopsis from the book jacket…

Dr. Jack Forrester, director of the New Canterbury University Hospital Emergency Department is about to win an ongoing battle to modernize the ED when he is stymied by power hungry Dean Bryson Wintner. Then someone tries to murder Jack’s mentor and the former dean…setting it up to make it look like a suicide.

Bit by bit, Jack uncovers facts that suggest several other recent tragic accidents may not have been accidental at all. The deeper Jack digs, the closer danger creeps and the phrase “life or death” begins to take on a new and very personal meaning.

My thoughts…

I have to admit that I am not a big fan of medical thrillers. They can be too complex and a bit too dry for me. I now must say that this medical thriller was a bit different. I did find myself caught up in the lives of all of the characters. Doctors and nurses and technicians were all over this book. Patients, a reporter, students…there was a lot to keep track of. And of course there was a love story with Jack and Zellie, the reporter/writer.

Jack is frustrated because he wants this hospital to focus and expand its ER while another doctor wants to steer the hospital in a totally different direction.

There is mystery and suspense and again tons of medical situations. I would tend to think that readers who love a scientific premise would love this book. It is sort of fast paced…and it does make you rethink what you think is happening and of course there is a sort of shocking ending.

It was thought provoking and well written…not a book that I adored but one that I appreciated.

I recieved this book from Pump Up Your Book.

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