Oh Yes…Shrimp And Grits…

Hmmm…I am not sure if this looks like what it really is…it is Shrimp And Grits from the Tupelo Honey Cafe Cookbook!!!  It was amazing and my husband loved it and is begging me to make it again, soon!!!  The shrimp is cooked with roasted red peppers and a bit of fresh garlic and wine and a teeny bit of butter.  The grits part is made with grits and a little cream and goat cheese.  It was our Friday Night Lent Supper…and it was yummy.  The red part is not oil…it is just a yummy juice made from the roasted peppers and the wine and butter.  It was actually not even difficult to make.  I prepped everything early in the day…and dinner took minutes.
I love this cookbook!!!

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