Happy Bunny Day!!!

I hate jelly beans…except for Jelly Belly ones.  When I was little and when people put jelly beans in our Easter Baskets…I would sometimes eat only the orange ones and always give the licorice ones to my mom who loved them.  But then God invented Jelly Bellies…a blissful sort of jelly bean heavenly treat.  The flavors are amazing.  Today I bought sour ones and ice cream flavors and regular ones and mixed them all together.  I don’t like choosing a color or flavor of jelly bellies.  I just like to be surprised.  And even every once in a while when you get the rare Jelly Belly that you aren’t that crazy about…it still tastes good. 
So…now we come to you…are you crazy for jelly beans?  What is your favorite Easter treat?

5 thoughts on “Happy Bunny Day!!!

  1. Dmarie says:

    I'm addicted to seasonal candies…Whoppers brand Robin Eggs are my absolute favorite! BUT trying to be more conscious of not buying anything with Palm Oil in it, because of what it's doing to our rainforests. so after eating this year's bag of Robin Eggs, there won't be another 'cause Hubby read the label. (I must've purposely not read it before buying. ha) 😉


  2. Elisabeth says:

    Sure I love jelly beans, but have to stay away from all that sugar.
    When my kids were little, I used to make a bunny cake from two 9 inch cakes, decorated the collar of the bunny with so many jelly beans, and licorice mustache…loaded with all the Easter candy decoration, but I don't make it for the little ones now, (too much sweets):D


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