I Am Still Playing Catch Up…With Myself!!!

I have been trying to catch up with my life ever since we returned from Colorado!!!  I am catching up on reviews and email and house stuff and groceries and laundry!!!  Yesterday I did 5 loads of fine washables.  Those are the things that have to be hung on hangers…my husband and I both own far too many fine washables and for some odd reason my washer turns everything inside out!!!  So I am forever turning things right side in? when I hang them on hangers.  I read too many blogs and get too much email and I haven’t been good about commenting lately.  I just got a new laptop and that has been stressful and today the tiles fell out of our shower…what is happening to my life?
Just teasing but…I do like things in working order and I don’t like things out of control and lately things seem just a tad out of my control…did I mention that our dormers on the roof have to be painted, and we have to replace the roof and we are changing out the kitchen counters and there is so much yardwork…mulching and planting and weeding and watering.  And yet I just sit here with Lucy on the sofa,  reading and sort of relaxing.

I think I make too many lists.
I can’t decide if I should go to BEA or not…it is so close to me…I want to take the train up for a day but I don’t know which day to go and…ok…Patty…deep breath?
Does anyone else feel just a teeny bit out of control right now?

3 thoughts on “I Am Still Playing Catch Up…With Myself!!!

  1. Ti says:

    When I feel like this, I whip out my calendar and put things in order. If it's in my calendar, then I instantly feel better about it, no matter what it is.

    BEA for a day would be nice, if you can figure out which day to attend. If the thought stresses you out, then grab a cup of something yummy and hit a local bookstore. You'll get the same buzz 🙂


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