Uh Oh…I Did It Again…

Apparently May 10th must be the day this month when new books are released.  My Kindle was burning up with deliveries.  Amazing new releases for this month…books I have been waiting for. 
Here are a few of my titles.

Summer reading has not even really begun yet.  There are all of those wonderful beachy books out there by Nancy Thayer and Claire Cook and Elin Hilderbrand.
Whether it is a pond or a lake or a beach or a river or a kiddie pool to dunk your painted toes in…
What can’t you wait to read or do this summer?

6 thoughts on “Uh Oh…I Did It Again…

  1. Ti says:

    I really need to think about my summer reading, but at the moment, I am playing catch-up. I just sorted through my shelves on Goodreads to get a feel for how bad off I really am… it's bad, but if I pace myself I'll be caught up in time for summer.

    That is a lot of books! Did you pre-order all of those? For Mother's Day I bought The Finkler Question ($5) and A Reliable Wife ($6.15 or something like that).


  2. Patty says:

    Kathy…Faith is kind of scaring me…intense but I have only read amazing reviews about it…I think I am going to read my new books first…hee hee hee!!!


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