A Triple Play…

This past weekend was calm and relaxed.  We are still doing tons of yard work. Beds need cleaning. The vegetable garden is still a mess. We have not planted anything at all yet.  But perennials are popping up every where. My trellises are actually full of climbing purple flowers.  The problem is that there is so much stuff growing in front of them that I can only see them from inside of the house. 
I did not read anything on my Kindle this week end.  I actually read books…three real live papery books!!!
Here they are!!!
Not my favorite but a fun relaxing reading experience. Ignore the Kindle icon… it was a real book!!!

Really good and I am making this bread.  I need to see what all the fuss was about!!!

This book is for a review later.  It was good and had options for different endings!!!
I had a nice break from my Kindle but I missed it and my next book is on my Kindle all fired up and ready!!!
I am reading lots of blogs about BEA…I am so close to NYC that I thought I might go but I don’t feel ready for  it.  It just seems overwhelming.  I am sure that everyone will come back with photos of all the books that will be out in the fall…that is what I can’t wait to see.
Are you sad that you are not going to BEA? If you aren’t going that is…

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