Mythology That Is Action Packed!!!

Loved it…but I loved all of the books by Michael Scott in this series…

He is an expert on mythology and folklore and it is woven into every thread of these books. The story that unfolds in each novel in the series is breathtaking, mesmerizing and so
fascinating and I am incapable of putting each book down for any length of time without feeling a total compulsion to finish.

The characters that were in the first book are in each book in the series and their lives and stories unfold in the most amazing and magical of ways.

We are reading about Joan of Arc and Prometheus and Shakespeare and Shattuck…a sort of vampire warrior and Virgina Dare and Billy the Kid ( just to mention a few ) and monsters and magic and mayhem…it is just wondrous!!!

And mortal twins…Sophie and Josh…who play an important role in saving our world…so much fun!!!
And as usual…Sophie and Josh have an amazing surprise waiting for them as the new book unravels.
My thoughts were all over the place with this book…there was that much action.  And Michael Scott is the master of character names that you cannot pronounce the same way twice…
Can you say Tsagaglalal?
This is an amazing series…full of twists and turns and mythology.  It is wondrous and delightful.

And then…once I am finished…I am so very sad that I read it so quickly and I then cannot wait for the next one…and there is one more in this series.

Maybe even more than one more?

Mr. Scott?


Here are the books in this series so far…

The Alchemist
The Necromancer
The Sorceress
The Warlock
The Enchantress…not even written yet!!!

3 thoughts on “Mythology That Is Action Packed!!!

  1. Ritva says:

    Thanks a million for this! I must admit I had never heard of this series before, but remedied it immediately by ordering at You have a wonderful treasure of a block here! Unfortunately I can already see that following will be very painful for my economies, LOL.


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