Sometimes You Just Need To Go Home…A Review…

Why I read this particular book…

I love books about families and their dysfunctions and relationships. This book was in one of my favorite places…Vermont…and had families as its main theme. Adult children came home to their parents and the house they grew up in one at a time over the summer. They brought baggage that included children, husbands, pregnancies, career issues and infidelities. They all came home to their old rooms and old haunts and old friends. They all knew more than their parents did and yet the parents in this story…Ginny and William…were the ones who provided a respite and care and food and support.

Why you might want to read this book…

This book had delicious writing and lovely settings and reminded me of all of the times when I went home to my parents’ house…just because I loved it and my old room and that summer no responsibility feeling. Ginny and William love having their children home and just want them to be happy. Ginny is the mom who made raising her children her life’s work. There is a touchingly achingly sweet line that Ginny says to William…it goes something like this…they are my masterpieces and I don’t want them flawed. It was beautiful. I think she will remind you of “every mom”…she reminded me of mine. The old fashioned sort of mom who did laundry and cooked and almost never complained and just wanted to help fix everything.

It was a wonderful wonderful book.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Need To Go Home…A Review…

  1. Ti says:

    Vermont? I so want to go there.

    I love books about “home” and what “home” means to a person. It reminds me of that movie Home for the Holidays. Have you seen that movie? It's one of my faves for holiday dysfunction.


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