Everything Is Broken…

I love my house.
But it is broken.
Our shower is broken.
Our refrigerator is still broken.
That won’t be fixed until next Friday.
Even our kitchen is broken.
I hate chaos. I hate things broken.
Here are the fixes.
The shower is being retiled and made much bigger.
The kitchen is getting new granite counters and a bigger island with more cabinet space.
The refrigerator is still a mystery.
No one is quite sure what will fix it.
Thank goodness for the basement refrigerator.
Last night we had salads from the Fresh Market.
Lunch was a chicken sandwich from Jake’s.
Tonight is sushi.
We will make a better plan for food as soon as we can see straight.
I think putting a cooler upstairs for water and juice and half and half for our coffees would help…the basement is really far away…almost in another town.
Here is our tentative plan of attack.
Bathroom will be torn apart and put back together in a few weeks because the tile guy is on vacation…I hope he has a good time.
We shower in guest bathrooms.
Kitchen…August…another week without cooking…how sad…
Refrigerator this Friday…the part will be here soon…the repairman won’t.
Understaffed…everyone away on vacation…I hope they are having a lovely time.
I spent most of my day listening to the description of the demolition and the rest of my day in my bed with a headache.  Lucy helped me feel better.
I called my sister Paula so many times I irritated her…
This summer is not going as I planned…we do not deal well with chaos…we move before this happens…usually.
My husband says we are not moving.  He says I can learn to deal with this.  He called me a baby.
When will I get my life back?

5 thoughts on “Everything Is Broken…

  1. Nikki-ann says:

    Argh, good luck with all that!

    I remember a decade or so ago when Dad started renovating the kitchen, only it turned out he had cancer so all the work had to stop for 12 months, leaving us with a tip of a kitchen to deal with.


  2. elisabeth@foodandthriftfinds says:

    Patty-Exactly one year ago when I was house and dog sitting for my daughter and family, they left me with a huge remodeling construction in their house, with a brand new kitchen, and another room. That was my summer vacation.
    This year I'm doing the same, but everything calm, and nice.

    I totally feel bad for you with everything broken, things get so confused…I bet even little Lucy feels it too:-((
    Thing will get better soon, don't get too discouraged!


  3. June G says:

    Gosh Patty. Everything is happening at the same time. You can do it. Remember, it would be so much worse if you had to spend hours away from home working and then come home with limited time to deal with all of this. You'll be okay, but I know how you feel. I hate chaos and disorder too.


  4. Ti says:

    My 2nd fridge is also broken, as is our 1 yr old AC. I actually think the power surgers from the AC is what blew the 2nd fridge out. We have the AC guy coming today. We'll see. We cannot be in So Cal without AC and it cost $6500 to put it in a little over a year ago. I sure don't want to pay more to fix it.


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