I Used To____________But Now I_____________!!!

When I taught second grade there was a wonderful book that I read to my students about a little boy who sort of changed his life.  It was very simple and followed the format in my post title.  After reading the book we would discuss it and then my students would make their own book following that same format…
I feel very close to that book this week because I am cleansing my entire upstairs.
Today I am done with my part.  My husband is going to put together two beautiful white shelves from IKEA…concluding my reorganization event…once I put my books on them.
Thank goodness!!!
I used to own a million books but now I own a Kindle.
I used to want to keep my books close to me but now I have given tons of them away.
I used to have stacks of books that I thought were artfully arranged all over my house but now I have two huge IKEA shelves with favorite books only.
I used to think I would never give my books away but now I know I can.
I used to admire people who gave their books away but now I am one of them!!!
What do you think of the new me?
Oh…I also organized all of the closets…gave tons of clothes away…and slept soundly all week long!!!
I should have had a book giving away party but thanks to my friend Jane…the senior center and some book sales are getting my books!!!

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