I Am A List Maker…

I don’t know how it happened.
I used to be so carefree.
My mom always called me last minute Patty.
But all of a sudden I am a devoted list maker.  I make a list every day!!!
I think I am getting rigid with my lists.  This cannot be happening to me.
My daily routine is sort of scheduled and I like it that way…that is scary!!!
I plan and prep dinner as though I am on the Food Channel.
The table is set for dinner before noon.
Chores are done in a timely manner.
This is making me sad…I have lost my fun side…I am not relaxed until all of the little itty bitty daily nothings are done.
I am becoming my mom…we would beg her to sit with us and talk or play but she was always cleaning.
I am not cleaning…according to my lovely husband…but I engage in many activities in any given day.
I play with Lucy.  I sit on the deck and sun and read with Lucy.  Lucy and I might snuggle down with a book and a nap.  Lucy and I might walk aroung the ‘hood.
I work out.
I lunch out.
I think about stuff.
I rearrange rooms.
I read lots of blogs.
I read lots of books.
And before I realize it…the day is done and I start it all over again…with a new list!!!
Do I need to seek professional help?

2 thoughts on “I Am A List Maker…

  1. Ti says:

    Nope. You need help when you make the same list, three different ways. I write it up in pencil, sometimes I then add it to my phone with a note app, and sometimes I call my home phone and leave a message with what I need to do. How sad is that?


  2. Brenda Youngerman says:

    I make lists….but then I lose the lists….
    I don't think you need help…but if you think this is bothering you try to go a day without doing your routine and see what happens. Just get up and do something completely different. Don't set the table by noon. Don't make the list (well…okay make the list…) but try something out of the ordinary and see what happens — if you flip out (not my fault LOL – I'm not a professional) then you might need to think about it!


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