It’s Summer…Reviews Are Short And Breezy…

Perfection in a beach read. 
Makes you want to head to Nantucket and walk on Tom Nevers Beach and eat lobster and fish and boat and bike and seal watch.
Makes you want to sit at a local Nantucket bar, order a great martini and people watch.
Makes you crave muffins and hot coffee while you sit on the deck and read the morning paper.
Two women…both dealing with major tragedies and life style changes spend the summer together…sort of reluctantly.
A little bit of a Bernie Madoff story for one wife…but the book was still very good.

In a totally different vein…we are back in high school…back in time with a time machine and time travellers…

There are two more books in this beautiful series.

How is your summer?

Are you relaxing with a great book?

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