Poor Baby…

My husband had an awful awful day yesterday.  He often travels for business domestically as well as internationally and is such a seasoned prepared traveler that I rarely ever hear him complain.
That is until yesterday.
His nightmare day.
His nightmare flight.
He rarely goes through Atlanta but did yesterday because it allowed him to get to his destination faster.
Da da da dum…
Mechanical difficulties.
A five hour delay.
  He finally arrived at his hotel and even though he had a guaranteed reservation with Mariott…which means they cannot give your room away…they gave his room away.
There was no more room at this inn.
They transported him to another hotel that had air conditioning issues.
No room service…he was starving.
I only know all of this because he called or texted me nearly every half hour.
He apparently ate a Steak and Shake something or other at midnight.
Needless to say he was not a happy camper.
We are very mad at Mariott.
Mr. Mariott is going to get a phone call from us soon.
Mr. Mariott better be prepared to do some listening.
I better be prepared to do some soothing.
He will be home late tonight and I am making his favorite homemade pizza…the kind my mom used to make that is loaded with sauteed fresh peppers from our garden…
I am taking him out to our favorite bistro on Friday.
I think that will soothe him plenty.
What is your worst travel mishap?

8 thoughts on “Poor Baby…

  1. bermudaonion says:

    I think my worst mishap was when I spent about 5 hours in LaGuardia and then they cancelled my flight and there were no more flights that night. I hope today's a better day for your hubby.


  2. June G says:

    Oh goodness! I hate when this stuff happens. The worst was when my flight was delayed, I missed my connecting flight and had to spend the night in the airport. Now I get the first flight leaving in the morning, if possible.


  3. Cathy Kennedy says:

    Brenda @ Fiction with a Purpose gave a shout out about your blog and I decided to come check you out.

    First off, sooooooo sorry to hear about your hubs nightmare experience. The good thing is from the sound of it, it's not a everyday occurrence.

    And, second… it sounds like you have an excellent plan of action for soothing his feathers.

    I shall look forward to reading more about life or whatever happens to be rattling around in your brain. What's that? Things only rattle in my brain!

    Oh well, ot was nice meeting you. =D

    Linking up by way of Thursday blog hopping…P is for Parkway and Thursday Two Questions
    Your friend,
    Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes


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