Such Gentle Souls…LOL…

I can be compulsive and obsessive.
Just a bit.
I love clothes.  I just bought a slouchy kind of over sized tee in every color it comes in.
I tend to do that if I love something.
I love these shoes.
I must have them.
I will not be happy without them.
My husband reads my blog.
I have a birthday coming up.
I could buy the gray ones and he could buy the black ones!!!
I even love the name of these shoes.
Gentle Souls.
Perfect name for the perfect shoe.
Size 7.
You can find them at Garnet Hill.
I love Garnet Hill…lovely beautiful treasures…clothes and shoes and jammies and coats and bedding…lovely bedding.
Check it out and you will fall in love with the catalog, too.

5 thoughts on “Such Gentle Souls…LOL…

  1. Ti says:

    I love those shoes! Both the gray and the black!

    I have a wedding coming up so I have to find just the right thing and you know how that goes… When you HAVE to get something, you can't find anything. Sigh.


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