Too Many Tomatoes?

I see the most amazing basket of beautiful tomatoes…plum tomatoes, Brandwine tomatoes ands sweet juicy orange and yellow tomatoes.
I also see a busy Monday.
I am going to make Tomato Pie and Fire Roasted Gazpacho.
The tomato pie calles for 2 1/2 pounds of tomatoes but I am going to use 3 pounds.
The gazpacho calles for 4 pounds of tomatoes but I am going to use 5 pounds.
I will still have pounds and pounds of tomatoes left.
I am going to use this bad boy for a tomato sandwich for lunch.
Another pound gone.
I have tried a reasonable discussion but according to Lucy…
cats don’t do tomatoes.
Any takers for the leftovers?
I will even throw in a few dozen peppers and zucchini!!!

9 thoughts on “Too Many Tomatoes?

  1. Patty says:

    Love your post, Patty! Those tomatoes are beautiful. Now, when you make all those goodies, will you please take photos, and post them…oh, and share the recipe, as well!
    Little Lucy looks so cute in this photo!
    This is from my friend Elisabeth and I accidentally deleted on my iPAD2…I keep doing that.


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