This Is The Time Of Year When…

It is hot outside. 
Hot and sunny and summery.
I am thinking about cooler crisper days.
Long sleeves, a hoodie, boots.
My clothes blogs are loaded with hints of layering and what to wear on a cool morning.
I am itching to buy stuff.
Boots from Uggs.
Tunics from Free People.
Long sleeved Blue Life oversized tees from Singer 22.
Fall clothes appear to be amazing.  Soft and comfy and warm.
I want them.
I love oversized anything.
Long long sleeves to pull down over your wrists…tights…leggings…boots!!!
Scarves to wrap up in.
Red lipstick.
A cool cap to pull on.
I do so love mittens!!!
I yearn for soups on cold fall mornings.
Football…even football.
I even bought a beautiful orange squash today.
But…alas…not just yet…
It is still hot outside and not even close to Labor Day.
But I am ready for cooler weather.
I am ready to trade in my flip flops for a rugged sturdy pair of boots…

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