Hmmm…Hooked…Happily Hooked…And Not About Books Today…

I do believe that I have an addictive personality…
Little hints lead me to this belief.
I cannot buy one of anything.
I buy plants in groups of three.
I have to go in and out of the same door but I have been told that this is from my grandmother.
If I do talk myself into just buying one of something…I worry that I am missing out on the other colors.  So I go back and buy them.
Hmm…perhaps this is not addictive but OBSESSIVE?
Am I sharing way too much?
Anyway…this leads me to my nails.
I never get manicures because I hate that they are wrecked in days…what is the point?
But somebody must have been thinking of me when this stuff was invented…it is amazing…it lasts for at least two weeks. 
I can get colors!!!
I never have to file or buff or do anything to my nails except get to JoEllen…the lady who does this at my salon.
I cannot stop looking at my nails.
They are beautiful except in the photo my hands look like claws…it was too hard to take an upsidedown photo.
JoEllen has been doing this to my nails for a few months now and I will never be able to stop.
And even though I don’t need to say this…I often tell Dennis I can’t empty the dishwasher because I don’t want to wreck my nails…he believes me…lol…
You can do almost anything to these babies…and they remain shiny and lovely.
I get so excited when I am near the end of my two weeks because it is new color time!!!
Do you have a new obsession?

4 thoughts on “Hmmm…Hooked…Happily Hooked…And Not About Books Today…

  1. June G says:

    They remind me of those cherry, chewy candies that I find so addictive. I have the same question as bermudaonion. What's the secret? Is it the polish or Joellen's technique?


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