More Things I Love To Do In The Fall…

I really do like to quilt.
Nothing elaborate.
Either outline quilting or just straight lines.
The precision of it appeals to me.
I love making easy quilts.
I love making little quilts.
I love making different quilts.
This lovely little book came in the mail today.
The quilts are sort of crayon colored and made out of unique fabrics…Japanese fabrics and sort of one of a kind prints that don’t seem to go together but they really do.
I am going to choose one and that is going be my winter project.
I love having one winter project to focus on.
It is just deciding between this one or the following one.
This one is from an online yarn shop that I love called Noble Knits.
It is a pattern called Beekeeper.
It is about a million little hexagons that you knit and then stuff  and then stitch together to make this quilt.
I just talked to my sister Paula and she is not sure that I have enought mad knitting skills to handle this one.
But I think I can.
The magic number is 384 hexagons. Just looks like a million.
Then I have a quilt.
I will make my decision shortly.
Or maybe I will work on both of them.
I can not for the life of me read two books at a time but I might be able to do two different unrelated projects at a time.
What do you think?

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