Tales Of A Bathroom…

I am staring at a disheveled master bath and bedroom.
I am hanging my hand towel on Lucy’s kitty tree.
She is not big on sharing. She keeps knocking it off.
We have not yet found a shower head, toilet paper holder, towel racks, and hand towel holders.
Thank you Home Depot and Lowe’s for having not one item we wanted in stock.
Restoration Hardware is our last hope but it is far far away in the distant land called King Of Prussia…sigh…sigh…one more sigh…
The shower door will be installed on Tuesday morning…no matter what.
Men will stomp up my wooden stairs and invariably kick the backs of those stairs with their work shoes. They will look at me crossly when I tell them that we don’t wear shoes in our house and could they just try to be careful?
They will slam our front door many times as they carry pieces of glass up and down…and up and down…I am quite certain Den’s beautiful paint job will get dings and nicks.

Oh me…
Oh my…yet one more sigh…

But…here is the bright side…we can actually use our bathroom shower again!!!

And here is the not so bright side…we have not one thing to hang towels on.
And minutes ago the faucet part of my husband’s sink fell apart and the entire fixture has to be replaced and mine, too, so that they match!!!

That will take a whole new skill set!!!


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5 thoughts on “Tales Of A Bathroom…

  1. Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, aren't projects such fun? I remember it well. In my last house, we were doing lots of updates, including painting, installing ceiling fans, etc.

    Then a new shower in the guesthouse. For that, we hired someone to do the tile, but we did all the painting.

    The chaos and mess, not to mention the inconvenience was enough to drive me crazy. Keeping the end goal in sight helped….

    Also…hiding out somewhere to read.


  2. Elisabeth says:

    I see your towel on Lucy's kitty tree…LOL
    My kitties never did like the “man made” kitty trees, etc. They are too used to just hang out on my chairs, furniture, beds, etc.
    Don't be discouraged…before you know it, it will be all done, and will look beautiful!


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