What I Am Reading This Week…

For some reason I have four Amazon Vine books to review.
I try to keep really on top of Vine reviews because I really love Amazon Vine.
I am hoping that they will send me a Kindle Fire to review…lol.  I do not know why I want one of those but I do.
I am tired of pressing a side clicker to read books on my Kindle…it is exhausting.
And for some unknown reason my iPAD2 and my Kindle3 will not sync any more.
Apple, Amazon and I have tried everything there is to try but there is no syncing in this town any more.
Very sad.
I have discovered that I really love reading on my iPAD2 more than on my Kindle3…
There is something that I love about a back lit screen and with a non glare skin on my iPAD2…I can read anywhere.
Reading in bed at night on my iPAD2 is heavenly.
The new Kindle Fire is rumored to have a touch screen that requires you simply touch the screen anywhere and it will turn.  That is even less effort than on an iPAD2.
I am a lazy reader.
New discovery on my part.
Holding a book hurts my hand.
I am so used to reading on my iPAD2 so much that when I do switch to my Kindle3…I continue to touch the screen to turn pages.
Yet one more reason why I really should get a Kindle Fire.
Books I am reading this week from AmazonVine include…

Wonder Struck has the most amazing illustrations.
When She Woke… from the author of MudBound.  Plus I love anything mildy dystopian. 
I can never resist a dark tale told in London…what could be better?

I think I have my hands full…literally.

This one was a bundle of three books sent to me by the author and publisher.  It is really extremely fast paced and exciting…
One of these days I need to read something calm and soothing.

I did buy a few books for my Kindle…there are just too many amazing books out there.
I also added the Reeder app to my iPAD2…it makes reading blogs and posts quick and easy…I love it!!!
I am beginning to think I read far too many blogs but I have no clue how to cut back.
But with my Reeder I can read them faster so it is all good…
I think.

Can’t wait to buzz by to see what everyone else is reading this week.

4 thoughts on “What I Am Reading This Week…

  1. 365andMe says:

    Hey! I just got in DARK SOULS a few days back and started reading it. I have a dozen or so Vine books to get caught up on.

    I'm putting Fire on the backburner unless I start reading more. Yes, I know, I'd planned on preordering it. It's just that I'm not reading nearly as much now. Total bummer about not being able to sync. That would be seriously important to me too.


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