I Think She Has Us Under Her Paw…

I think that I am being held hostage by my beloved LucyGrace…
We have never had just one cat.  Cat people know that cats…especially Tonkinese ones…who I might add appear to be sneakier and more clever than other cats…
 are better in groups of two.
They have someone else to play with.
They learn to share.  Yeah…
They don’t scream at the top of their lungs when they don’t see you and scare you to death.
You can actually leave out your really best earrings and not find them on the floor almost vaccuumed up…Yikes!!!
You don’t always have to travel with them.
Covered elastic bands actually stay where you put them.  Not where Lucy puts them.
She likes snapping them.  We wake up with them strewn all over our bed.
You do not have to come up with new toys and games and fun things to do because you feel so guilty that your cat only has you to play with.
They just might stop screaming in the house when they are slightly ignored.
You can sleep through the night without a sandpapery tongue trying to kiss you good night after you have been asleep for four hours.
You can eat dinner or brush your teeth or read without feeling a slight nip at the tender part of the back of your leg because eating dinner or reading or teeth brushing does not fit into Lucy’s plans at the moment.
You can stay downstairs and watch television or movies after 8 o’clock.
I hate to say this but Lucy’s screaming determines our bedtime.  She will walk relentlessly up and down the stairs until she hears the tv being turned off…then she will race up the stairs to her favorite room in the house…our bedroom!!!
We have always been told that you should not play with your cat before bed time…it teaches them bad habits.
Hmmm…a little too late for that bit of advice.
Anyway…this is our first time with only one cat.  We have been trying to decide what to get and when for 3 years now.
We want her to love him and not have her feelings hurt.
We already have him named.  We want a baby boy Tonk because they are clumsy and lovable and big and they will continue to allow Lucy to be the Cat Princess that she is.
We have to take the plunge…seriously…for all of us.
I can’t even remember what it is like to go away without Lucy with us…we drag her almost everywhere.
She has her own suitcase, backpack, stroller, harness and four different kinds of carriers.
We need another kitty.
I used to look at these photos and think…how sweet…how cute…now I look at them and wonder what she is planning to do to us next.
We are her minions!!!

14 thoughts on “I Think She Has Us Under Her Paw…

  1. Sarah says:

    No matter how many cats there are, they will still be the boss of you. My two that are siblings would work in pairs. The girl would wander across dressers and climb into the book case and knock stuff out so that her brother could make off with the pilfered item. Maybe that breed isn't quite as sneaky though


  2. June G says:

    Aghhhhhh!!!!!!!!….I love these pictures! Lucy is so beautiful. So fat and plump…lol……Aghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    I have that book, God's Eye too. I haven't read it yet. How is it?



  3. Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    In that one picture, where she's being held, she looks very self-satisfied. I can almost hear her purr!

    She is definitely in charge of the household.

    I do remember having just one cat…not the kind you have, but she took out her revenge if I went away for a few hours. She would mess up everything in sight.

    And scream? Definitely could scream.

    Hope you find her a companion so you can reclaim your lives! LOL


  4. Elisabeth says:

    I always enjoy hearing all the stories about Lucy…especially with the cutest photos to follow with the stories:DDD
    She truly is the Princess and so “regal”…well, at least I have the “Prince,”

    …last night, while I was working on my new post for my blog, he just would not leave me alone, because it was after 11:00PM, and he will not go to sleep unless I turn in for the night. He also was pacing up and down and kept staring at me, meowing. Soon as I turned the computer, and lights off…like a sigh of relief, everything was all right!


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