The Grabarchuk Family And Puzzles!!!

This is what I know about the Grabarchuk Family.  They write amazingly clever and fun puzzles.  They contacted me to try the first of their puzzle books and I have been playing them and reviewing them ever since.   Puzzlebook 102 is the latest puzzlebook from this very talented family.
The puzzles are brightly colored and I absolutely love playing them on my iPAD2 and my Kindle.  Even not in color they are fun to play but I have to say much more fun on a color device.  The Grabarchuk Family recently asked me to try out their new iPAD app.  I have and I love it, too.
These puzzles are perfect for anytime but even more perfect for travel.  Car and airplane travel will pass quickly when you have these puzzles.
As far as age…I personally think they are perfect for kids and grownups and actually a fun thing to do together.  All of the puzzles are challenging and fun and you get a number of chances and you have to work at solving them…great brain exercises.
So I thank the lovely Grabarchuk Family for thinking of me whenever they develop a new puzzlebook!!!
I am a great puzzle tester!!!

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