Sunday…Sunday…I Love This Day…

Sunday includes the following…

A special breakfast made at home…today we had country fresh eggs and ham and cinnamon rolls…just the pop out of the can ones. 
Still good. 
Every Sunday we make great plans to go out for breakfast and every Sunday we I back out…so much nicer to stay in…relax…unwind.

Hours with the New York Times…love the Style and Book Review sections.

After the papers I read…and listen to Dennis sleep.
More football.
And the dreaded Red Zone.

But this is the gift I give to my husband.
I sit with him…in the same room…while all of this football drones on.
And on…
My husband is a man of many teams.
I think it is because we have lived in so many different places.
He grew up in Colorado and adores the Broncos.
I grew up in Ohio and never watched football.
Does Ohio even have a football team?
And now he loves the Philadelphia Eagles and yesterday it was
Penn State and I think his college team played.
Actually I guess I give him 2 days of football.
He actually points things out to me and asks me to look at the TV.
I will never get it. But I think that I look every once in a while…
Just for him.
And sometimes I even ask a question like…are those arrows on the field fake or real or why do they wear those towels tucked into their pants and look at Palomanu’s hair…it is so long!!!
Important stuff like that.
By the time we get to the end of this festive day…we usually cancel dinner.
Or we let ourselves have a treat for dinner.
Pumpkin pie last week.
I think tonight we are having ice cream.
So much fun.
Football…it would not be fall without it…
not in this house…lol…

How did you spend your Sunday?

9 thoughts on “Sunday…Sunday…I Love This Day…

  1. Kay says:

    OK, you make me laugh. Does Ohio have a football team? Yes, it does. Two pro teams at least. The Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals. Texas sent two of our favorite boys, Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipler up there to play pro ball after their successes at the Univ of Texas. Ohio needs to take good care of them! LOL

    I love hearing your Sunday saga. I watch a bit with my hubby as well. We're diehard Cowboys fans – for the good or the bad.


  2. Dennis says:

    Everything Patty says is true. Patty does look at the TV when I comment but instead of commenting on a play,Patty ask how anyone enjoys the Red Zone. Patty does not understand that the Red Zone is the greatest football invention since the invention of the helmet.


  3. Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, I do enjoy Sundays these days. When I had to go out to an office on Mondays, not so much. Then it felt as though a black cloud descended as the day wended down.

    Today I enjoyed blogging, reading the newspaper, reading a new book…and finishing up my edits (for now!) on my WIP about a woman who becomes obsessed with blogging and social networking and loses her mind….(for awhile).

    Now I'm gong to watch some movies from the DVR. And I don't miss football!


  4. Bellezza says:

    It's hard to get motivated to go out on a Sunday morning, especially when one has to go out at least five days of the week. Still, I can't miss church. When I do, I just don't feel right. I love those homemade breakfasts, and time with one's husband. Mind doesn't watch football, but he does love it when I spend time with him. I can only stand so much before the television, though…if he wants to be with me more? He can grab a book! 😉


  5. Elisabeth says:

    Patty-you're such a good wife, so considerate, and caring. So funny that you didn't know about the Cleveland Browns…at least I knew that, growing up in Cleveland, although the Browns haven't done much for their team in decades, so you're not missing much…almost the same, as the Miami Dolphins, Florida's team, which I should be supportive of since I'm a Floridian, for such a long time.

    Sounds like your Sundays, are nice and relaxing. My Sundays are almost every week with family doings, which is nice, but I like some Sundays to just chill out and be by myself!


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