A Tree Grows In My Sunroom…Again

This is my tree.  I put fairy lights in it. I have a bird’s nest in it.
Just in case my little zebra finches escape.
I have a love hate relationship with my tree.
I love it because of the fairy lights and it is so big and it is green and healthy.
I hate it because it is very temperamental.
It sheds.
It will drop leaves if it doesn’t like the spot it is in.
And that is all over my sunroom floor.
It looked horrible at the beginning of the summer.
So…after much thought…we dragged it out to the deck.
We kissed it goodbye.
We wished it luck.
We said we did not care if it survived or not.
It was Mother Nature’s problem now.
I don’t think I even watered it.
Here is the thing…
It thrived.
It flourished.
It did not matter what the weather did…my fussy temperamental tree survived an entire summer outside amidst a hurricane and dry hot weather and rain. 
Trust me…had it been inside and I did not water it at the exact time every week…
it would have dropped leaves and debris everywhere.
Last Friday night we had our snow forecast.  My husband and I were in dreamland thinking we had months to decide what to do with this tree…bring it in or let it go.
It was so beautiful last Friday…my tree…that at nine o’clock that night in the dark we dragged it in.  There could have been an eagle’s nest in it in the dark and whatever but we dragged it into the sunroom.
It was tilted and huge.
My husband spent hours the next day trying to straighten it out.
We trimmed it.
We forgave it.
So far there has not been one leaf on the sunroom floor.
I think it is in a happy place.
Even Lucy welcomed the tree back inside.
For some unknown reason she loves laying in the warm dirt.  I had dirt all over the sunroom floor yesterday…three times.
Is this how the tree is getting back at us?

8 thoughts on “A Tree Grows In My Sunroom…Again

  1. Ti says:

    Dropping leaves means too much water. I water everything to death so I ought to know!

    I have a tree that someone gave to me for Arbor Day. At the time, we had nowhere to plant it so I tossed it into the neighbor's yard (huge empty lot). Ha! It grew to be a huge pine tree. It's about 25 feet tall now and that was just 4 years ago!


  2. Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Ha-ha….love the tree story. And I'm absolutely envious that you have a sunroom with beautiful French doors!

    I had French doors in my guesthouse (when I lived in the foothills); and I had window seats. My two favorite things: French doors and window seats.

    But the tree's hardiness does amaze me. I have no luck with growing things, inside or out.


  3. carolsnotebook says:

    What a lovely tree.

    We had a plant that we brought in one year so it would survive through the winter. It got so big and unwieldy that at the end of the following summer we left it out to die with the frost.


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