Two White Geese?

Seriously…I love animals passionately.
I love geese.
My husband does not love geese in large numbers.
This is what our pond looks like right now.
The geese are in constant motion.
The pond is always moving.
I hear them all day long.
I hear them all night long but I am so used to them that it doesn’t bother me.
The yard is a mess…and all of us who have houses around the pond just know that this is what it is like for a few weeks.
I can actually walk out on the deck and a few geese will step forward toward me.
We think they are the original geese who were on the pond before our houses were built.
Maybe not them but their babies?
How long does a goose live?
Our neighbors have tried various things to fend off the geese.
The neighbor across the pond has raccoon cutouts on his lawn.
I see the geese walk up to the raccoons and actually sleep next to them.
People have strung fishing line to sort of keep them on the pond.
They learn how to hop or fly over it in a matter of minutes.
They are really smart…these geese.
They have sneaky plans and clever tricks that they use to stay on the pond as long as they can.
My husband will run after them.
They fly to the middle of the pond and then swim right back to the shore and back to where they were.
Some of them sleep under our deck.
Or really close to the deck.
I wonder if tossing bread over the deck lures them?
I think they are protecting our house because we are nice to them.
Or at least I am.
Today amidst the vast number of regular geese I saw two lovely white geese.
I have no clue how or where they came from.
They stand out brilliantly in a sea of fluttering feathers of gray.

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