Lucy’s Terrible Horrrible No Good Very Bad Day…

That quote was taken from the book about Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day!!!

And it is all my fault!
Here is why…
I accidentally sprayed her mouth with linen spray instead of tooth spray…
I know that sounds weird but they were both in my night stand drawer and it is very difficult to spray a cat’s mouth…and this is a great herbal spray that helps keep her mouth plaque free…it has no taste…the little linen spray bottle was next to the spray bottle and I just reached in and grabbed without looking and sprayed…
Then when I smelled lavender I knew what I did.
So then…panic…frantic behavior…howling…
And that was all from me.
The good thing was that she was squirming so much I sprayed her face…mostly.
The bad thing is I rushed her to the bathroom and tried to flush her face…her eyes…her little mouth…
I think I did a good job of that because we were both soaked.
I am still watching her in case we need Poison Control but I think she is fine…
To reward her we thought…my husband thought…he would take her out on the deck…she loves to walk it and step in leaves and fake hunt our squirrels.

I was inside and heard my husband screaming for help…I raced out to find him with a beautiful huge friendly dog who lives way way way across the pond…no sign of Lucy…but I soon see her on the far side of the deck with her tail five times its size. She sees me and jumps over the dog and into the house. We still haven’t seen her and it is an hour later.

Poor Lucy…
But she smells like lavender…all over the house!!!

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3 thoughts on “Lucy’s Terrible Horrrible No Good Very Bad Day…

  1. Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    OMG! And yes, that would be the beginning of a terrible horrible no good very bad day…I loved the Alexander books.

    “I went to bed with gum in my mouth and woke up with gum in my hair…”

    I read it to my kids and then my grandkids. I loved the illustrations, too.

    But back to Lucy…it sounds like she's going to be okay, but what a scare!


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