Waiting And Waiting And Waiting And More Waiting…

It is actually almost scary how close we are to having our master bath ready.
It is painted.
Shower door is installed.
New towels are ready.
Choosing new fixtures tomorrow.
We are ready.
Except for one thing.
Al…the tile guy…forgot to caulk the underside of something in the shower.
He is coming today to do it.
So I am waiting.
Lucy is waiting.
Dennis is waiting but not at home.
We are all waiting.
I have an inability to function when I have to wait for someone.
I couldn’t work out because what if he came early…he didn’t come early.
I couldn’t vacuum…what if I didn’t hear him.
I can’t take a walk or leave to get groceries which we need desperately…obviously.
I can’t listen to my music…I wouldn’t hear him.
So…I am waiting.
Lucy and I were on the deck so I put a note on the front door to yell or come to the back of the house.
Al is still not here.
I should have asked him to be more time specific than just…can I stop in on Tuesday.
Oh well…
I did get vast amounts of laundry done. 
I set the table for dinner at 9 o’clock.  And I have nothing to make for dinner.
Our contractor called because he is holding on to my new kitchen island and we have not picked out the countertops yet.
I think that we are the kind of homeowners who can only do one thing at a time.
Very very slowly.
Happy Tuesday!!!

3 thoughts on “Waiting And Waiting And Waiting And More Waiting…

  1. Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, I hate that, too, Patty…the waiting for people who give a vague time. And you can't do anything just in case…and they never come early in the day; you have to spend all day just waiting!

    And it's not just when you're doing your own house…here, in this condo, the maintenance people do that to me, too. They leave a note saying they're coming between Mon-Fri, during the hours of 8-3…and while you don't have to be there for them, I don't like it when they come in when I'm not here. So I end up waiting all week, and they come on Friday at 3:00!


    Your shower will be beautiful, though, when you finally get it done…and so will the kitchen.


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