One Amazing Mystery…

I cannot even begin to write about how intense, exciting, nail biting, absorbing and incredible this book is…whew!!!
It is complex and it is loaded with complex characters.
I literally could not stop reading it.  I started on Saturday and finished it yesterday.
Thank God for football.
I do not remember one thing my husband said to me all day long yesterday.
I don’t even know what we ate.
This book is that good.
It is not out until January 17th.
My copy came from Shelf Awareness and Putnam Books.
Once I finished this book I checked my Kindle and I did read another book by this author.
I didn’t make a connection because the book I read did not involve the major player in this book…a detective named Kathy Mallory.
But now I know that this author has scads of other books with this character.
You know what that means…
I will have to go back and read every book in order.
I hate out of order reading.
But I loved this book.
The story involves murders, cover ups, private school bullies, wealthy divas, blind lawyers, drug addicts, agoraphobic wives, nosy neighbors and so much more…so much more.
And a tiny little girl with Williams Syndrome who is the heart of the story.
I just can’t stop talking about the book here.
My real dilemma right now is whether or not I should just immediately read another Kathy Mallory book…or take a break for a bit.
I think I have to pay attention to my husband for a few days so maybe not another Kathy Mallory book for awhile.

6 thoughts on “One Amazing Mystery…

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Patty-I'm the same way when I get involved in a good book. I'm up till all hrs of the night reading it, and just can't put it down until I'm done! Sounds like a great book according to the way you described it!


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