Slow Motion Reading…

I love this book…truly I do…but I feel as though I have been reading it forever.
I think perhaps because I started it at Thanksgiving and thought that I would finish it in a day.  Then when I didn’t even open it up at my sister’s…I thought I would read it for 6 hours on the way home.
But then I slept all the way home.
So now I am still reading it.
And in the meantime so many other books have poured into my Kindle and my mailbox.
I love love love winter reading.
Take today.
It was raining all day long.
I baked chewy oatmeal cookies.
I read my book all day long.
And I am still only 65% finished…according to Kindle.
Something must be wrong with my Kindle fuel gauge.
I am finishing it tonight no matter what.
After Glee.
I am finishing it tonight…
I am…really I am…unless…

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