Triple Play…Part Two!!!

The second time I was tagged it was by McGuffy Ann…that is her real name…I love it…

She loves animals and nature and books and writes poetry.  She introduced me…through her blog…to her neighbor…who is a bit older and posing holding an owl…a real owl!!!
I think that McGuffy Ann convinced her neighbor to start her own blog.
And I have to really thank Ti…from Bookish Chatter…she gave me her idea to do a tag post in my own way.   These posts were actually fun to do this way. 

Here are McGuffy Ann’s questions.

1. What is your favourite childhood story?
One where kittens ate their mittens but…the mittens were made out of candy.  I loved this book.  And I have searched for it everywhere and never found it.  I even think you could play with the mittens…

2. What was your first vehicle?
I wanted a very cool Carmen Ghia…but my father bought me a Malibu Chevelle…I think.
3. What or who was the first concert you attended?
Hmmm…I have no clue…Black Oak Arkansas?  Neal Diamond?  I am sure it was a winner.
4. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
Sixteen…yep…sixteen…I was shy.

5. Do you have any tattoos? If so, what? 
Nope but I really want one.

6. If you don’t have tattoos, do you want any? If so, what?
Yep…I really want one…not sure what kind…a flower?
a book?
a paw?

7. What time do you usually get up?
Now that I am not teaching…I get up around 8 o’clock but I don’t move for a while.  I read or blog.

8. What is your bedtime routine?
Hmm…we race around the house so Lucy can chase us to try and tire her out.  She is not a kitten but she is very active.  We play hide and then we play with various toys and then we crash in bed.  We love to go up early and play with our iPads…even Lucy will watch movies of herself on my iPad and that helps her to sleep…lol…

9. What is your “irrational” fear?
Oh boy…I think I have a ton of them.  But mostly I fear the time after a bath.  When we first moved into our house I couldn’t wait to jump into our whirlpool jetted tub.  The house was days old.  The minute I drained the tub the ceiling in the family room buckled.  The plumber attached the tub things the wrong way.  Ever since then I never take a bath without racing to the family room and looking up!!!

10. If you could go anywhere, to where would it be?
I want to spend a month in Maine to see if I could ever live there…our lives have involved extensive travels and moves…but I love Maine more than any place on Earth.  So Maine…Portland, Maine.  I want to walk to coffee and markets and shops.

11. What is your favourite snack?
My all time favorie snack is Rold Gold pretzels with milk.  Not in milk…a glass of icy cold milk on the side.

My second set of questions…

Outside or inside
Sweet or sour
Book or ebook
White walls or colors
Pets or no pets
Summer or winter
Lots of friends or a few very close ones
Book club or no book club
Eat in or go out
Pastels or darks
Twirly pasta or pasta you can eat with a spoon

Have fun!!!

14 thoughts on “Triple Play…Part Two!!!

  1. LaelShine says:

    I love your number 7. Who needs to move around so early? hee hee I always laugh at myself, I get up, come downstairs,then collapse in my chair like I just ran a marathon or something;p


  2. Elisabeth says:

    I cracked up about the #2 question, Patty! Carmen Ghia? I've forgotten about that car, and I don't think they even make those any more. My first car was a Ford Mustang…second, and third, the same. I just loved Mustangs! Nothing wrong with Chevrolet cars, they are especially popular now!


  3. Ti says:

    Yep. I'm a rebel with these questions.

    I was sixteen when I had my first REAL kiss and the guy told me I didn't know how to do it. I am still friends with him today. LOL.

    You want a tattoo?? I can't picture you with one.


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