Can’t Wait To Read These!!!

I am learning that it’s not just about having these amazing and beautiful and lovely books on my iPad2 or on my shelf…I have to make a reading plan…who knew?

Just teasing…but I am really better off with a chart…finally…and dates…and virtual folders…love them except that I can’t make them pink.

I can only read a book at a time but I read fast…I write a book talk about it as soon as I am done and post it where it needs to be posted. And now…I have a note on my iPad with the dates that the review can go on Amazon…if I’ve read the book before its actual release.

I am so proud of me that I can’t stand it.

The only real flaw in my plan is that I am a few weeks behind my plan and there is no real way to catch up…

But at least I am organized…sort of?

With that said…these should be on my agenda this week…but they are not…


Love coming of age novels like this one!!!

One planet…two worlds…humans and ??? I could fall into this one right now!!! I love books like this one.

Thank you, NetGalley!!!

I read everything this author writes. This one is about a custody battle over a little girl in 1960’s London…I am thinking Twiggy? The Beatles? Fish and chips?

I read everything that this author writes, too. I have been reading and loving Jane Green books for a long time. This one is about a woman marrying into a ready made family…yum!!!

My thanks to AmazonVine for the last two books.

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