Good Things Come In Threes!!! Or Fours!!!

Here is my first good thing…

How awesome would it be to have an outdoor screened in bedroom…somewhere warm…of course…an island? This is from a green organic store called Terra Viva.

My second good thing…to me this is the perfect little black dress…it’s from a site called Zara.

My third good thing…shouldn’t we all own a pair of red shoes?
These are from Anthropologie…pssst…for less adventurous girls…these come in black, too!!!

Although I like these even more…also Anthropologie…

Enough said!!!

11 thoughts on “Good Things Come In Threes!!! Or Fours!!!

  1. June G says:

    I went to the site and they do come in a lovely blue! They don't have half sizes, though and I'm scared they may not fit. A reviewer recommended buying a half size down because they run big, but I don't know…


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