It’s Giveaway Day!!!

I have been sort of quiet about what I have been reading this week…shhhh…I know…sort of unlike me!!!

The only book I am not reading is the one I thought I would read.

I have had a little personal goal of blitzing through some of my NetGalley books and I did…plus I am doing a few read alongs with a friend and that has been total fun…and quite by accident I have been reading more than one book at a time…and it’s been fun, too.

Anyway…I have two great books to give away…thanks to my friend…

This one…which my friend loved…

and this one…which we both read and loved…it’s YA but with a mom you will love to hate.

I am sending along some local and amazing chocolates…Γ‰clat…they are hand made near me and so good you will scream!!!

Sorry…for making you scream!!!

Sorry…we can only send in the US…

Just leave a quick comment and you are entered…name will be drawn next Friday!!!

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