Why We Drag Lucy To Maine…Planning Our Next Road Trip!!!

We are under the misguided belief that Lucy loves seeing other animals.
Obviously much later when I really looked at this photo I interpreted this as a frightning experience for Lucy Grace.
I thought I was enriching her…who knew?
Swarming chickens were not her thing.  She was literally trying to hide herself.
The chickens were more into Lucy than Lucy was into the chickens.
She was trying to hide under Den’s coat.  Why did I think she would love the chickens?
Lucy didn’t show much love for the piggies either.
But she totally loves a great hotel room and a cozy fire, room service, and pampering…
who knew?

Lucy and Patty are so much alike…it’s frightening.
Planning our fall Maine road trip!!!
We love Maine in the Fall!!!
Oh…she doesn’t much love her hiking backpack either…lol.

13 thoughts on “Why We Drag Lucy To Maine…Planning Our Next Road Trip!!!

  1. Ti says:

    If you had a nice hotel room complete with a nice, warm fireplace… would you choose chickens over it?? I think not.

    Plus, seeing large birds when you cannot get at them is not fun.


  2. Stephanie@The Secret DMS Files of Fairday Morrow says:

    I guess Lucy just likes to relax in a beautiful environment. 🙂 Maine in the fall is so breathtaking. I have probably told you this before- but my mom's family is from Minnesota- and all of them love Maine and have to visit whenever they come to CT. Every fall my mom and my aunts go to Maine together for a girls weekend. It is a great place to visit!


  3. Elisabeth says:

    Wow, did I almost miss all these fun photos? I'm not surprised Lucy isn't excited over the farm animals and chickens…some look more like roosters. I remember so well, when Prince was hanging out with the cows, making friends with them a long time ago…on the other hand, Mush is totally afraid of all other animals…especially dogs!

    Love all the photos, can't blame her for loving her favorite spot by a cozy fireplace. Love that cute back-pack:D


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