Our "Duck Dynasty"

Den loves ducks! He feeds them. He talks to them. He gently talks to the neighbor children for throwing rocks at them and scaring them. He buys them food. Den really does love his ducks. I hope…I am hopeful…that this video works!

I am still reading Nantucket…which is yummy…it goes back and forth from teenage love to grown up love…with all of its issues and problems…
Today was a Whole Foods day…a laundry day…a busy day!
Happy Wednesday!








6 thoughts on “Our "Duck Dynasty"

  1. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    We live about 100 yards from a small river – that's where the ducks congregate. Good on Den for talking to the kids throwing rocks.
    I have a copy of Nantucket and can't wait to read it next month.


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