The Best News Ever…

I read it over the weekend…scrunchies are back! And even better news…I have tons of them! They hold your hair back without denting it! I kept one black velvet one out to hold my hair back when I shower…the rest were tucked away…but not any more! They are out! In drawers…in bins…I now have scrunchies tucked all over the house! Roxie has been stealing them for toys. Lucy wears them well!

Look at this! It’s macaroni and cheese baked in tomato soup? From……you literally bake macaroni and cheese in soup in the oven! In PA the traditional way to eat macaroni and cheese is with stewed tomatoes on the side. It’s served that way even in school cafeterias…so…we are all over this one!
Finished this…sort of so so…but fun.
Sort of reading this now…private school, impoverished former student returns years later to teach but she has never taught before, plus there are hidden secrets from her time as a student here…and as soon as she gets there someone starts tormenting her…
Today is clean the deck day! Plus we are having comfort food for dinner!
Chicken strips with barbecue sauce and brocolli in cheese sauce…aka Pioneer Woman!
Plus I have sectioned plates from Williams Sonoma…so there will be no sauce mixing!
Life is good!


5 thoughts on “The Best News Ever…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I love mac and cheese, and this sounds like a great new version….

    I also love scrunchies and have some in a drawer…I wore one a while back, and my daughter scoffed, saying “scrunchies are so over.” LOL

    I guess she'll have to realize I was ahead of the new trend…ha-ha.


  2. McGuffy Ann Morris says:

    I grew up with mac and cheese cooked with stewed tomatoes. But, I grew up in the heartland and south. Now I add chilies, too.
    I love those plates. I don't like food mingling on my plate, unless it was cooked that way. Ha!


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