All Sorts Of News!

Coloring News!

I just read an article that said that coloring can take the place of meditation! Soft music…a relaxed environment…no kitties pushing stuff off of the table or sitting on my coloring books!

My favorite books are ones by this author. I color really hard so I like thicker paper and the drawings on just one side!

Pizza News!!!

We have pretty much lived all over the country but the one thing we have never truly found any where is really good pizza. We particularly have an issue with the pizza around here…ick…it’s soggy…it has strange tasting sauce…too sweet…too herby. But…all of a sudden there’s some buzz about a new pizza guru nearby.

So…he has a pizza oven that was made in Italy. The restaurant is only open at the end of the day. There is no take out because he believes the pizza is best as soon as it’s baked. And when he is out of dough…the shop closes!
We need to try this soon! Supposedly a line forms as soon as he opens! Camping out for pizza!
Book News!
Finished Ashes…kind of eerie, confusing, yet good. But I keep looking around for “Twisted Things” that fall from the sky!
Up next?
A thriller…
Science Fiction…
Interesting! I actually am looking forward to this one but I can’t read it out of order…
That’s it!
Have an awesome day!






9 thoughts on “All Sorts Of News!

  1. Rita @ View From My Home says:

    I also spotted Twain's End and put it on my wishlist. I went to his house in New Haven CT years ago and had a fun tour. Didn't realize he was such a grumpy old man though.
    I enjoy coloring sometimes and thanks for the recommendation of the new coloring books. My cats like to chew on the tips of the pencils in the jar and play hockey with them when they tip over!


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