Back With Books…

This was a blissfully calm and relaxing weekend! I was able to talk Den out of anything boring that he wanted to do. His plan was to wash windows, caulk stuff, and clean all of the outdoor lights. Instead we just relaxed. He is working four days this week and I know that schedule will be crazy for him. He hasn’t worked days in a row like this in ages so I just wanted him to relax all weekend. So we did. While football was on…I read these…

Dumplin’…an overweight teen, bullies, first love, passion, misfits…total YA but a really awesome book…one of those “good for you” kind of books.

The Vanishing Island…a middle grade romp…1599, map makers, adventure, and just enough creepy stuff to make this book fun…the first in a series.

The Rest Of Our Lives…unique…amazing…still reading this one.

New books…mysteries, fiction, science fiction, YA…love an assortment!
My newest passion…watching polar bears live on I just keep the app on my iPad and watch polar base literally walk up to a tundra buggy! It’s amazing!
Love this app!
Have a great day!


14 thoughts on “Back With Books…

  1. Ti says:

    I think “relaxing” is not part of my chemical make-up. I tend to always want to clean and organize which I actually like doing AT that moment but not at the end of the day when I realize I blew an entire day cleaning out the garage, etc.


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