Should We Blame Den?

Here is the thing. My family has always had dogs…we love dogs! Cats were an unknown entity to my brothers and sister other than Mama Kitty. She belonged to the elderly couple who lived next door. Not a friendly kitty at all. As children we were afraid of her.

Then I met Den. He had a beautiful Siamese cat…Suki. Suki hated me. But…Den was living in Florida. I was in Ohio. Our wedding was in Ohio. Den was transferred to San Francisco a few months before our wedding. So after our wedding…that’s where we were going to live. Anyway…Suki was flown to Ohio…fell in love with my dad and he with her. And she remained in Ohio with my dad forever.

Patty and Den were cat less…for awhile. Then came Sammy! My first ever kitty of my own…a beautiful Siamese boy. I took him everywhere. When ever I would go to visit my parents…Sammy came, too. When we went to visit Den’s parents…he came, too. I think he had his own frequent flyer miles! Whenever we got bumped to first class I would take him out of his carrier and the flight attendants would feed him turkey from sandwiches.

When I taught very young children…Sam would come to school with me. I have photos of him with baby chicks nestled into his fur…all of them sleeping. My kids would beg for Sammy Stories. Sammy often got Valentines…he had his own Valentine box…he was a great motivator for writing classes.

When my parents were living and all of us came home for every holiday…our kitties came, too. My cats have been over brushed, played with, dressed in baby clothes, fallen asleep in baby buggies, ridden around town in bike baskets and treated like royalty. They even had their own treat cabinet in my dad’s kitchen and they never forgot where it was.

Sammy, then Katie, then Libby and now Lucy and Roxie. The only cat my dad didn’t know is Roxie. So…it’s Den’s fault that we all now love kitties!

I am slowly realizing that two of my nieces now have cats and now one more is sort of trying to convince her parents that she needs this one! In spite of Den being responsible for introducing cats to my family…I think I am being blamed! Heeheehee! My nieces are kitty rescuers! They save kitties. They work with feral kitties. They love kitties!

So…one of my nieces has never had a kitty nor do her parents want a kitty. Enter Luna…found in the rain all alone shivering dirty cold. My niece saved her. My niece loves her. Her future is uncertain right now…sweet Luna!

So…should she stay or should she go?



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