Busy Bees!

We had such a busy weekend and I don’t even know why! We put together the kitty trees and both girls have tumbled off. Lucy did a total somersault from the lowest perch…and landed flat on her back. Roxie fell from the tippy top. They don’t have experience with these and can’t figure them out. Roxie fell once on her neck…and then again the next day but I caught her. So…we moved them close together and we moved them close to the yellow sunroom sofa so if they fall at least it’s a soft landing. So far they both seem afraid of these trees! Oh my!

Helping with the assembly…

Roxie fell off of that perch!
We put them side by side.
Kind of getting used to them…
We were out of the house early this morning…we had to zip to a town about an hour away to take my Amish quilter some binding fabric. When we got to her house she surprised me with two of my quilts…bound and finished…they were beautiful! Quilt tops that I made and never had time to quilt and bind…
I have run out of time today! I will share quilts and new books tomorrow!
Over the weekend if I finished these…
Started this…
I am reading this when I can’t sleep at night…
And for no real reason I just started this one…
I remember when I thought I could only read one book at a time! Yikes!
Off to bed!




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