Today Is A Day For…

Our friend Ron the Plumber came today…he makes house repairs almost painless and fun! Den did comment on the fact that it’s exhausting to schedule and actually be around during repairs…yesterday it was window repair…today the tankless water heater and fixtures and pipes and softeners. We are herding cats and unlocking doors and going upstairs and downstairs and moving things. We are doing nothing for the rest of the day…except binge watching TV. I reminded Den that for 95% of all home repairs…in all of the homes we have owned…I was the one here for all of it. The roof, the deck, the kitchen, the bathroom, painting, any repair ever was always on my time or in the summers when I was not teaching. This is why he owes me…big time…this is why I sat on the sofa and read while Den chased after Ron! Heeheehee!

Reading and loving this book…it is quirky good!

Reviewing these for a coloring book artist/author…I love these! I love books with bold unique drawings!
I love the holiday ones in this book!
Thank you, Anna Winky! I love her name!
Today is Pasta Thursday…Den and I are having Veggie Wraps from Country Butcher for lunch so that we do not have to worry about more veggies with dinner.
We just want a big bowl of pasta for dinner! Maybe with a side of garlic bread?
This is Rachel Ray’s recipe…I just bought her spoons! I love them!
They sit on the edge of the pan! They scoop perfectly!
Off to scoop soup!
We are having tons of cold rain today!



7 thoughts on “Today Is A Day For…

  1. Ti says:

    I hate dealing with repair anyone. We had to have the Uverse guy come out for our signal issues and I was there for part of it and I just hate it. But, my husband will just go along with whatever they say so when he wanted to install wireless receivers all over and I knew it was going to cost way more, I said now and the guy looked at me like I was the plague.


  2. Stefanie says:

    Oh yes, waiting for the repair man to come during that window is work. Those veggie wraps look yummy and so healthy. I tend to like vegetarian meals during the day. I always make a two egg omelette with sauteed power greens and shredded cheese.


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