What Happened To Monday?

I was so scheduled yesterday with self imposed lists that I started a Monday post in the morning and never even looked at it again until just now…and it’s Tuesday! So yesterday was a sort of “say what” kind of day. When Den works at the office I seem to be busier with getting leftover stuff done…phone calls, shopping, scheduling, cleaning, walking…by myself. But then halfway through everything…I say…why am I doing all of this stuff…so I stop and read…

So…anyway…I read these over the weekend…all of these were so good…Piece Of Mind was about a 27 year old with a brain injury…Our Lady Of The Ice was just a fast paced freezing cold Dystopian SF/F thriller. This was this author’s first venture into an adult book. And…I loved All The Stars In The Heavens…loved it! I mean I really loved it!

New books…thank you Edelweiss!
Reading these…yep…all of these right now…I hate doing this but I have every single one of these started and every book is so different and yet so good. I started Language Of Secrets last night and then I read The Widow early this morning when Lucy woke Den up for breakfast. She goes to the one she can control more! Den hid a can of kibble in our closet with a plate so everyone ate and went back to their beds. I seriously did not even hear them! Shadow Queen is my witchy fantasy and The Widow? OMG…so good…a woman’s husband is a serial killer. She has kept his secrets for a very long time but now…he is dead…I think from an accident…and she is free…hopefully?
I am so seriously craving a Hammonds Candy Cane! They are big and fat and soooo good! There is one that has a strip of chocolate in the center!
We are off to see Hunger Games soon and I need a Hammonds Candy Cane to get me through it!
An icy cold beer and a candy cane! I love Cinema Suites! My perfect movie snack…but I have to sneak in my candy cane!
Happy Tuesday!





9 thoughts on “What Happened To Monday?

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I am so drooling over Under the Influence…I am not even going to try Edelweiss, as I can't make that site work for me…so I guess I'll wait until it's available for purchase. I have loved every book by Joyce Maynard.

    I tried to love All the Stars in the Heavens…but I didn't. I think it's me, and not the book. After All the Houses, I am feeling burned out by books that I have to review by a certain date, especially books that seemingly plod along.

    NetGalley doesn't make me feel like that….there isn't the same pressure, although I haven't had any trouble reviewing by the time the books are released. In fact, all of my current books from them are from January and March…so, plenty of time.

    I am in a funk!


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