It’s All About The Tree!

We still get a live tree…in fact…there are some years we get two smaller trees…and sometimes we get a really tall tree and put it in the sunroom. The ceiling in the sunroom is vaulted and we can get a tree that is really really tall…our first year in this house we had a 12 foot Fraser Fir. We needed ladders for lights and ornaments. The drawback to the tree in the sunroom was that we could not see it from the family room. We can only see it when we are in the kitchen or eating dinner. But it could be seen from outside and it always looked amazing. It was really funny because all the houses on our pond have the same vaulted sunroom and even though the houses are far apart we can still see all of the “sunroom” trees. Now we try to change it out every year. This year we put the tree in the middle of the living room…so we can have a fire in the fireplace…if it ever gets cold…and watch the tree from the family room.

It’s in the stand now…soaking up water. We will decorate it tomorrow. We also have very different tastes in trees. I like lean sparse trees and Den loves fat full trees. We try to compromise and that sort of happened with this tree. Candles in all of the windows…unbinning some more Santas…and we are done! I really truly love this stuff!

Sometimes I love putting all of the same kinds of things together.
However…collections only entice the kitties…they spent today weaving in and out of these trees! They can climb up to them from the family room sofa!
And I always find felled trees in the morning. Or snowmen and Santas that have been rearranged. My kitties don’t ever bother the tree…they are more about the collections…
Just finished this…middle grade and sweet…a boy, his grandfather and a mountain! It was a sweet sweet book!
Waiting for our cards to come…I couldn’t decide so I bought all three…
Off to read!






8 thoughts on “It’s All About The Tree!

  1. bermudaonion says:

    Carl got tired of putting the lights on live trees (I was very picky about how they need to be wrapped around branches) so we have a pre-lit tree. I am kind of over it, too – I don't think it's very pretty this year. I love sparse trees too but we were having trouble finding them live. I've been searching for an artificial one like that but can't find one.


  2. Stefanie says:

    Thank you for the recent cheer, Patty. I love those wooden trees in your living room. How fun to get a fresh tree. When we lived up in the city, the tree was visible from the streets. In our house here, our living room is in the back of the house so it's right by the fireplace which is fine as I get to see it lit up every day when I'm home.


  3. Ti says:

    We really can't do live trees here. They sell them but if you buy a live tree here in California you pretty much have to buy it the night before Christmas for it to be intact and not completely dried out by the holiday. We used to try to do them but they are a real fire hazard no matter how many times you refill the reservoir.

    Den likes fat trees? I like an asymmetrical tree whether it is fat or thin. I just need it to be a good shape and not lopsided,


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