It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

Seriously? It rained all day long but it still feels and looks and smells very Christmassy…everywhere! My Pier One room spray plus the live tree do the trick!

I found this ribbon at Pottery Barn yesterday…it’s thick and wide and plaid and bendable. It was on sale so I grabbed one bundle…I wanted to thread it through the already decorated tree…but…it’s in strips! I love it! It can be tucked anywhere because it is so manageable. I used it all over and now I need and want more!

I pretty much tucked mine everywhere except for the tree…that’s why I need more!
It’s perfect because it doesn’t drop needles and the kitties won’t chew it!
We are supposed to have thunder here at midnight! Oh my!
So…tomorrow we are zipping to Weggieman’s to grab a few things…I am getting my nails done…we are going to dinner and I am making one batch of sugar cookies…cut outs…and I need to wrap presents, too. But it’s all very relaxing…seriously…
Still reading this…it definitely has Beatriz Williams touch…I am really enjoying it…it dips into the past…that 40’s era…and there is that “forgotten” room…then and now!
Off to listen to the rain fall…harder and harder!



11 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

  1. bermudaonion says:

    It's raining now but I seriously have no idea what the weather did today – the store was that crazy busy! (We're not complaining, mind you.) I went to the grocery store today and swear I won't go back tomorrow.


  2. DMS says:

    Your house looks so Christmasy. Love the wide ribbon an the decor is just so festive. It is raining here too, but indoors it feels like Christmas (outside it is almost 70 degrees). Merry Christmas to you! 🙂


  3. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, your home and decorations are definitely oozing Christmas cozy….and I love the photos.

    The Forgotten Room looks good. At first, because there were three authors, I thought it was a short story collection….I don't really like those. But I see that it's a novel. I enjoy Karen White.


  4. Ti says:

    Love that ribbon. It's cold here!! 30 degrees at the moment! I am having coffee and catching up on blog reading. About to get dressed for the day and cook up my collard greens for tonight's ham dinner.

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas!! What will you and Den eat? Your food posts kill me.


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