Mullings…Sort Of…


I wake up everyday thinking about where we should live. We’ve been excited about places…and then ruled them out. We only know two things for sure. We both love all four seasons. We want to build again. And we love this part of the country. We thought we were excited about a townhouse/condo in a town not far from here. I may have mentioned it. So we visited the condo on Saturday. If we decide on a condo/townhouse we want a corner one and a big one. So…this one is beautiful inside and out but…it is on a busy street! All we would hear is cars stopping and going. Sigh! And there are tons more townhouses behind it with very little space between them…sigh! We looked at this corner one…really lovely on the inside…but…see that little sidewalk? There is a four way stop sign to the left and the stream of cars never stopped.

Now…I know I mentioned this before…we are looking at Charlottesville, VA in addition to a few other places in Virginia…we are going in a few weeks…and we will either love it or rule it out, too. So far we have ruled out Charleston, Nashville, and Denver. I sort of love the houses in Charlottesville…and there is a ton of building going on. But we are reserving our real excitement until we get there. Plus living in Charlottesville puts us closer to my sister…
Here is a house we love…
I really love the back of it…
And I really love the inside but I need a white kitchen.
Hopefully this will motivate us. We want less land, a master bedroom downstairs…an open floor plan downstairs and just two bedrooms upstairs with a Jack and Jill bathroom. Charlottesville has a really cool downtown…
I talked to a builder today who moved to Charlottesville from where we are living right now…he loves it. Farmers market nine months out of the year…lots of foodies and locally sourced food…he said great restaurants…remember when I showed you another place in Virginia a while ago…research showed us it was too close to Dulles Airport and in a really busy corridor…too close to Washington, too. Sigh! But we aren’t giving up!
I can’t tell you enough how much I loved this book…soooo good!
Tonight I am reading this…it’s supposed to be a little like the Night Circus…so far it has my attention! And it is really magical!
My babies…it’s cold enough for them to cuddle…



3 thoughts on “Mullings…Sort Of…

  1. bermudaonion says:

    I like having a garage to park in which is rare in a townhouse. It's been a while since I've been to Charlottesville and the last few times I was there I only saw medical buildings with my mother-in-law, which brings up another point – they have a great hospital there.


  2. Stefanie says:

    It looks like Charlottesville is your kind of town. I love its options. That house you featured is beautiful. I love all the windows and how you have so much space around you.


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