It’s February! Den always buys me a beautiful hang up calendar…it’s one of my stocking stuffer gifts. I always look forward to it. It’s always fun and colorful…filled with pretty kitties or cute puppies or whimsical thoughts…or restful lakes or peaceful beaches or amazing foods…but this year…he bought me a calendar that needs to be colored…it’s black and white and empty…sigh! I try to color some of it in before the next month goes up but it’s an impossible task…seriously! I miss whimsy, kittens and angry cats! Even a Hello Kitty would be better than a black and white coloring book…sigh! Plus I thought that the red shapes were hearts? So…I colored them red…but now I realize that they are leaves and I have to stare at them for 26 more days!

Finished this… This was historical fiction starring the lovely spicy clever Jane was good! Really good!
Reading this…yep…historical fiction about the Hindenburg and its only female attendant…lots of secrets, plots and lies…
This is what broke my January clothes buying fast…from Sole Society…a wrap…
I have lately developed a fondness for “cardis”…I love tossing them on over short sleeved or sleeveless tees…
Some of my faves…from Bobeau…but you can get them at Nordstrom’s…on sale! These are soft and comfy!
I love this jacket from Garnet Hill. I love that flyaway cut!
I love this toss on dress from Free People.
I love this oversized v-neck from Free People…on sale at Nordstrom’s too!
Notice I am not really saying if I bought these…except for the Navajo Wrap…I think I just need to saturate myself in these photos for a bit…
Ok…off to have some lunch and read!
Have a good one!



14 thoughts on “Sooooo…

  1. jan6toshmello says:

    Actually you have to look at that pic on the calendar for 27 more days! Leap Year! I like the look of those oversized wraps too but they make me look even heavier than I am. And, your leaves can be Fall ones.


  2. Ti says:

    I am sure Den meant well. Weren't you into those coloring books before Christmas? I can't deal with bland calendars though. And if you used really colorful pens it would bleed through I'm sure.


  3. Kate Midnight Book Girl says:

    I have tried with the coloring, and I have lots of cool coloring books- Harry Potter, Vampires, Game of Thrones, but I'm not sure I find it relaxing. The calendar that I have now is 2016 Beyond Words Fantasy Author Calendar from Worldbuilders, and it has authors dressed up as literary tropes or famous stories (January was Terry Gilliam as The Storyteller, and this month has real life couple Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Rigs in a wonderland-esque Tea Party).

    I love the cardigans! I am totally on the Nordstrom site now!


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