So Here’s The Thing…

Den is finally on his way home…he left here early Monday morning and will be home this afternoon. He was in Iowa while the caucus was raging…he drove through Minnesota while a blizzard was raging and he is going in to the office tomorrow where I don’t think anything is raging. I have cleaned, done laundry, read, walked up our long driveway to get mail and trash in the freezing rain every day…colored, organized, cleaned out the freezer, read, played with kitties, binge watched TV…and read.

I am still thinking about this book…there is a website of Hindenburg passengers run by a man called Patrick Russell…the author mentions his work in the back of her book. It was totally fascinating to see actual photos of the real people compared to how I had pictured them in my head. And I somehow thought that Emilie The Stewardess was a fictionalized character but she was real, too! If you read this book you have to check out Patrick Russell’s site. The chef, the cabin boy, the rich American Margaret Mather…and even Emilie and Max were not how I pictured them.

Reading this…this book is harsh and sad and tragic…Cece is broken. Her family is broken…her brother’s soccer career, injury and his resulting pain killer addiction has ruined everything in her life. Everyone has been at the mercy of her brother until Cece takes matters into her own hands.

Up next…a newly single mom…her missing 8 year old daughter…the story is told by both of them…it’s all about what happens when the thing you fear the most actually happens…

That’s it for me!



13 thoughts on “So Here’s The Thing…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I read something by the author of Flight of Dreams….The Wife, the Maid, and the Mistress…so I'm definitely curious about this one.

    The Girl in the Red Coat fits into my theme lately…missing kids.

    Hope you have a nice, cozy weekend.


  2. DMS says:

    Flight of Dreams sounds very interesting and I like that there is a website to refer to about the people you read about.

    Sorry Den has been having a lot of travel stress (Caucus and blizzard). Hope things are calm now that he is home. We had a surprise snowstorm today. Our first snow day all year. Definitely nice to have a day off from school- and boy did the kiddos need an extra day away from each other.



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