I Am Ready!

I am totally ready for tomorrow’s game.

I have toys!

Puzzles on my iPads.

I am planning on watching Ant Man…
I might rewatch Downton Abbey.
I have Hidden Object games loaded on my laptop.
I will color.
Of course I will read a little.

I may teach myself to knit.

I might try sudoko again.

I think I will get around to ordering the bike we want!



I will have a very busy day!

The girls remain a tad worried about the noise level. But they, too, have an escape plan!

Oh…I will feed Den, too!

Happy Saturday!




6 thoughts on “I Am Ready!

  1. bermudaonion says:

    I thought Carl and I would watch the game in our pjs but our street is having a block party and we don't like to miss those. We'll want to watch the game, though, because this is Panthers country. One of our neighbors, who will be there, is a huge Broncos fan so this could be fun! lol


  2. Stefanie says:

    You are armed so well for today. We are driving up to Daly City to watch the game/hang out at my brother's. I'm making chocolate chip cream cheese cookie bars for dessert. I will be armed w/my knitting. Gonna work on my cowl. Debating on whether to bring the sock as it's actually for my mum – shhh…who'll be there. And thank you for asking about it. I keep forgetting to respond back on your blog b/c I've tried emailing you at the email address you type it but my mail bounces back to me. I'm on the gusset.


  3. Ti says:

    The game was so boring. I almost fell asleep at one point and all of the food was just okay. By the time the game rolled around none of it sounded good. It was nice to hang though.


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