The Perfect Dreary Day…

This book really messed with my life today. It was sort of brilliant. It was sort of heartbreaking. There was a ton of truth in its starkness and in its realness and in its sadness.

It was so good.

There are three central characters…Caroline Ferriday…socialite/actress…Kasia…a young Polish girl and Herta…a German doctor. Caroline spends her time at the French Embassy sending care boxes to Europe. Kasia works with the underground in Poland. She was caught and sent to Ravensbruck…a German woman’s prison/concentration camp. Herta was a doctor at the camp who experimented on about 90 Polish women. Evil, vile, painful experimental surgeries…Kasia and her sister were two of these women. They were all called the “Rabbits Of Ravensbruck”.

So…the book was pretty much divided into three parts…the war and its aftermath. The first part is the nightmare…the last two parts are about survival and recovery.

I didn’t start to really love the book until the second part but I was riveted to the nightmares in the first part. Every single devastating action that made up WWII and Hitler and his army blitzkrieging through Europe with ruthless abandon was in this book.

Of course I had to google everything…which made parts of this book even sadder because so much is true.

But every word in this book is worth reading. I can’t even begin to tell you how much.

And then there are the lilacs…surviving the winter to bloom in the spring…

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